What We Do

What We DO

Student Program`s

We engage students in tinkering in creative coding and robotics activities at all age groups and levels of education Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) tinkering activities.

Teacher Program's

We engage teachers in processional development to enhance ICT integration in the classroom and to be able to support students in creative thinking, problem solving ideation and innovations.

Project Implementation

We collaborate with different organizations, NGO`s private institutions and education stakeholders ie Ministry of Education among others to implement projects in STEM throughout East Africa region.

Tech Prototyping

Do you have an idea or innovation collaborate with our diverse team of experts to design and develop prototype projects.

Tinkering Labs

We offer creative space for anyone to explore STEM activities, organize hackathons and competitions.

STEM Equipment Lending

Do you require equipment for your class? We equips our partner teachers with classroom kits of ready to use, hands on resources for teaching engaging lessons in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math.

he STEM Impact Center Kenya is a non profit organization based in Kenya. We run a mobile STEM tinkering lab that provides creative space and resources for learners and educators to explore Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM): creative coding and physical computing