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We tailor-make STEM programs that incorporate tools, safe spaces, workshops, mentorship, resources, and networks that equip children and youth with critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, creativity, innovation, and digital literacy skills which include the following;

Mobile Tinkering STEM Lab

Our mobile tinkering lab is designed to provide an interactive and immersive learning environment on the go and we have implemented it in various settings, including schools, community centers, and libraries.

STEM Impact Academy

Our academy works to advance the uptake of STEM education, and to increase the number of children, youth, and women in science and technology innovations. The key focus of the academy is to build the capacity of learners and educators in STEM through outreach/boot camp programs in schools, tech, and community centers.

Startup Incubator

Our incubator program provides early-stage innovative startups with resources and support for them to succeed, including mentorship, access to funding, office space, and other business resources enabling them to grow and develop into successful businesses.

Future Careers in STEM

We are keen on upscaling STEM career opportunities for high school and university students through our internship program, which enables students to gain valuable hands-on experience and exposure to Future Careers in STEM.

Tech Centers

Through our Tech Centers, we provide resources and support for students and educators, such as access to computers and software, technical assistance, networking opportunities, and learning vital specific technologies, such as coding, data science, robotics or cybersecurity, and other tech-related subjects.