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The STEM Impact Center Kenya has successfully implemented various STEM education projects including:

  1. Partnership with the Ministry of Education Kenya in teacher training, learning material, and curriculum development support.
  2. Collaborating with the Center for Mathematics Science Education in Africa (CEMASTEA) for the STEM Bootcamp reaching over 250 learners in April and December 2022.
  3. Implementation of the Girls Learning Through Technology Project (GLTT) in 15 low-tech schools in Kenya. The GLTT program uses a technology-based approach to support girls’ education through evidence-based practices and research.
  4. Developed a STEM Lending Program, which allows schools to lease our equipment and resources i.e., laptops, and robotics for use in their schools in collaboration with North Carolina Central University, STEM Shop Kenya, and other partners.
  5. Partnered with UNICEF Kenya to implement the Generation Unlimited Youth Startup Incubator program, which has so far incubated 12 startups in the 2021-2022 period.
  6. In partnership with Emergination Africa and Deloitte Africa, we developed an Entrepreneurship and Venture Development Program, designed to build teachers’ capacity and equip them with entrepreneurship development skills. So far, we have implemented the program in 15 secondary schools in the Nairobi region.
  7. Collaboration with the World Robot Olympiad Association to introduce the Annual Science Technology and Innovations Competition for learners aged 8 -19 years in global challenges. So far 4 schools and 12 students have represented Kenya in the global competitions.
  8. Grant Award and Implementation of multiple grants, including US Embassy Kenya, Google Impact Challenge, KTDA Foundation, Scratch Foundation, Elimu Projects, Maker Faire, and North Carolina Central University, among other donors.
  9. Development of the first Virtual Coding Platform to promote self-paced learning over COVID -19 in Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, and Egypt.